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2023 Wall calendar • Meet the Artists

Martina Mühlburger, Activity Leader

I have been doing acrylic painting, life drawing and urban sketching for some years now and am proud to share some of my work and experience in this wonderful group. I am teaching Digital Design at a College in Bonn but art becomes a greater passion in my life every year.

After the long lockdown due to the pandemic, all the friendly calls by club members and the wonderful 60th anniversary present from the AIWCC, I decided it was time to set up an activity to show my thanks for all the club has given me. So in July 2021, Urban Sketching met for the first time to capture Cologne's DOM Cathedral on paper. Since then, our amazing group of talented artists (all are welcome - beginners and experts alike) meets once a month for two hours to capture our personal perceptions of the beautiful city of Cologne with pencil and watercolor on paper.

Sara Hartmann

I often drew as a kid but gave it up for analog photography. I really miss that process of creating something wonderful that the darkroom gave me. I’ve dabbled in other mixed mediums and have tried oil and acrylic painting but was never good at it. After trying watercolor today, I’m hooked! I obviously need to work on a few things, like shadow detail, but I’m excited to learn.

Lesley Taubert

I can't remember having art lessons at school although I suppose we did. As an adult, I think I would have been too shy and embarrassed to go to art lessons but joining the sketching group has been fun.

Karen Schmidt

I have loved drawing, painting and being creative all my life, though, at times it took a backseat to family and work commitments. Art was my main subject at teacher training college and I have attended diverse art courses over the years and still do. I love experimenting. In recent years, I have exhibited with my art group at a variety of venues. Urban Sketching is a new experience, working outside in view of general passersby, using a small sketchbook, limited tools and trying to capture a complex urban view in a lively and interesting way. It’s challenging but great fun.

Blazena Metz

I have been painting since I can remember. I actively started with watercolor in 1995 in England where I met Mr. Painter, an artist in the Brentwood Art Society. Here I learned many different techniques and styles. I focused mostly on oil painting and watercolors. We then moved to Athens - the perfect place for every artist! Upon returning to Germany in 2004, I started acrylic painting. It is a pleasure to be part of Martina’s Urban Sketching group!

Marcee Martinez

I have had a passion for drawing since I was 10 years old, ranging from drawing inanimate objects to people. Even though I have no formal training, I have personally looked for ways to improve my artistic capabilities. Urban sketching is new for me, yet exciting and encouraging, especially in the company of these wonderful ladies!

Hisako Deerberg

I don’t have any particular artistic background other than art classes in school. I am from Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you to Kate Becker for overseeing the production of the calendar, to Michelle Grams for her layout and design work, and to Martina Mühlburger for leading the Urban Sketching group and working with all the artists.

Members of our Urban Sketching group met over the course of the past year in various locations around Cologne to create the beautiful images in this calendar. Your purchase of this wall calendar will support our local and international charitable initiatives.

Innatura gGmbH is a Cologne-based non-profit that provides factory-new goods to non-profit organizations at deeply reduced rates. They accomplish this by collecting goods slated for disposal and redirecting them to the social sector.

Prevent waste • Protect our environment • Provide goods to those in need

FAWCO Target Project will support an international initiative addressing the environment and the needs of women and girls. Along with sister clubs around the world we will contribute to the goal of raising $140,000 by February 2025. We look forward to the announcement of the project in March 2023.

Our Natural Environment
Empowering Women and Girls to Ensure a Sustainable Future

You can order a single copy for 20€ or receive a 5€ discount per copy for orders between two and ten calendars.
For bulk orders of more than ten calendars (11+), please selected the discounted option of 10€ per copy.

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