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Charitable Giving • 2019-2022

Promoting Well-Being and Healthy Lives for Women and Children*

Local Commitment

The AIWCC is proud to support Bunter Kreis Rheinland (BKR).

Bunter Kreis Rheinland works with families of chronically ill, critically ill and handicapped children. Their main focus is the medical care of young patients at home by nurses and social workers. Additionally, they offer programs to support the families in their everyday lives including travel and leisure activities for children and young people with disabilities, activities for children suffering from diabetes as well as activities for the healthy brothers and sisters of sick or handicapped children.

All of their programs are donor-financed as health insurance in Germany does not cover these kinds of costs. The Bunter Kreis Rheinland is represented at several hospitals including the University Hospital of Cologne. Their office is located in Bonn.

The organization was proposed by member, Monika Becker, who volunteers in their siblings program. The fact that BKR is exclusively financed through donations makes them a good fit for our fundraising efforts. In addition, we look forward to participating in hands-on volunteer efforts as our relationship grows.

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Their Vision

Jedes Kind hat ein Recht auf das erreichbare Höchstmaß an Gesundheit …
Wir sind Sprachrohr für Familien mit kranken und beeinträchtigten Kindern und Jugendlichen. Dabei haben wir die gesamte Familie mit ihrem besonderen Bedarf im Blick, halten Türen auf und machen Wege frei,

Every child has a right to the highest attainable standard of health.
We are a voice for families with sick and handicapped children and young people. We keep an eye on the whole family with its special needs, open doors and clear paths,

      Global Commitment

      The AIWCC is proud to support the FAWCO Target Project, S.A.F.E. (Safe Alternatives for Female Genital Mutilation Elimination)


      Hope for Girls & Women Tanzania (HGWT) is an organization that advocates to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and other harmful practices affecting women and children in Tanzania including but not limited to intimate partner violence, child marriage and other forms of violence. HGWT works to promote and protect the rights of girls and women by providing education to girls and the community at large, strengthening social cohesion, promoting positive social change and increasing the capacity of women and girls to live free of violence through increased access to protection facilities and skills development. HGWT's mission is to promote human dignity and respect for girls and women by: 

      • Campaigning for the elimination of female genital mutilation (FGM) and other harmful practices that affect children and women in their community; 
      • Promoting respect, human dignity and equality of all human beings;
      • Empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty and inequality; 
      • Supporting survivors of gender-based violence.

      S.A.F.E. will work towards achieving these goals by supporting the following programs (among others):

      • Safe haven for 500 at-risk girls coupled with family counseling services to ensure their safe return home, free from the threat of female genital mutilation (FGM). 
      • Provide healthcare and psychosocial counseling to 200 women and 300 girl survivors of FGM. 
      • Community sensitization through outreach programs and introduction of Alternative Rites of Passage as an alternative to FGM, with a potential reach of 25,000 individuals. 
      • Income-generating opportunities for 50 women and 50 girls and access to the National Health Insurance Fund plan.

      To learn more visit the Target Program for Health website.

      Raising Funds

      Club fundraising is done throughout the year. In recent years, our main Charity events have been the Sustainable Fashion Bash and Trivia Night. In past years, the club held formal galas, benefit concerts, a Christmas bazaar, wine tastings and auctions (handbags anyone?). This year due to corona restrictions, we got creative and introduced our 144-Mask Fundraiser. Not all fundraising is a major event. We also have smaller initiatives such as book sales, raffles and much more. Follow our major fundraising successes here:

      February 2020 • 6th Annual Sustainable Fashion Bash raised 3400€
      March 2020 • 6th Annual Trivia Night raised 1000€
      April 2020 • Call to Action ... Members are making masks. Here is how! (member access only)
      July 2020 • We disbursed 4600€! Our main charities each received 2000€ and an additional 600€ was donated to A Mother's Love Initiative in support of Black Lives Matter.

      March 2021 • 144-Mask Fundraiser raised 3340€
      March 2021... ongoing • Mask Up for a Cause
      June 2021 • We disbursed 7000€! With money not spent on typical club events throughout the year due to social gathering restrictions related to the pandemic, we were able to greatly supplement our charities fund. Our local charity, Bunter Kreis Rheinland, received 2000€ to support a horse riding camp during the fall break in October. As our final donation to the Target Project for Health, S.A.F.E., we donated 4000€, earning us the Aquamarine Medallion on The FAWCO Foundation's Donor Wall. An additional 1000€ was donated to support a FAWCO Foundation Development Grant in the area of the environment; this will be awarded in March 2022.
      July 2021 • We donated 8095€ to Aktion Deutschland Hilft in support of flood relief. The money was raised within a week's time by members and friends responding to a 3000€ matching campaign sponsored by the club.

      Want to join our Charities Team? Contact

      If you would like to donate to one of our featured charities through the AIWCC or provide matching funds to encourage further fundraising, we will be very happy to recognize you here on our website. For information, please contact

      Whatever we do - we have fun and do good!

      *In 2006, the Club received its article of incorporation as a nonprofit organization (e.V. status) and stipulated, through its constitution, a commitment to help the local and international community at large, with a specific focus on women and children. The AIWCC aligns its charitable efforts with the FAWCO Target Program’s three year cycle, with the overarching goal to improve the lives of women and children ​​in the areas of Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights on a rotating basis. The Target Program for Health launched in March 2019 and runs through March 2022. 

      By supporting one local organization for a three-year period, we build close relationships in our community and make a meaningful difference through our financial support. Our charity partner keeps us abreast of their good works, future projects and how donated funds are being utilized.

      These partners help us make things happen!


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