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Charitable Giving • 2022-2025

Our Natural Environment: Empowering Women and Girls to Ensure a Sustainable Future

For the period of July 2022 through June 2025, the Club will focus its charitable efforts in the area of the environment.

Local Commitment

The AIWCC is proud to support innatura gGmbH

Our local charity, innatura, inspires our members in multiple ways. Local environmental heroes with a global impact, innatura prevents unnecessary landfill by soliciting brand new, unsellable surplus goods from corporations and offering them—at a greatly reduced cost—to German organizations working in the social sector. In 2022, AIWCC partnered with innatura to support non-profit
groups assisting Ukrainian refugees.

Dr. Juliane Kronen, founder and executive director of innatura, has been granted an honorary AIWCC membership, and has spoken at several club functions. We congratulate Dr. Kronen and her team on 10 years of outstanding work!

In June 2023 we made our first donation in the amount of 3,000 EUR. It sponsored a kitchen for innatura ambassadors in their vast new headquarters and warehouse. AIWCC is honored to be associated with the innovative, dedicated team at innatura. We applaud their efforts to create a sustainable future for residents of NRW.

Prevent waste • Protect our environment • Provide goods to those in need

      Global Commitment

      The AIWCC is proud to support the FAWCO Target Program; the 2022-25 target area is the
      environment and sustainable development.

      The Target Project, Awesome Blossoms, was announced at the FAWCO conference in Bratislava, having been selected from among the three short-listed projects, including Love for the Sea, submitted by AIWCC member, Robin Goldsby.

      The goal of Awesome Blossoms, a project of Safe Spaces in Nairobi, Kenya is to create organic, hydroponic farms located at the three Safe Spaces schools. Specifically, an additional 75 women in the community will be trained in this environmentally friendly method of farming, which will provide healthy food, including kale, lettuce, spinach, and strawberries to the entire community in the poor areas of Nairobi. You can read more about Awesome Blossoms on the FAWCO website.

      In June 2023, we made our first donation of 2000 EUR to The FAWCO Foundation to support the Target Project.


      Raising Funds

      The Club raises funds throughout the year. In recent years, our main charity events have been the Sustainable Fashion Bash and Trivia Night. Prior to that, the Club held formal galas, benefit concerts, a Christmas bazaar, wine tastings and auctions (handbags anyone?). Bearing in mind that not all fundraising has to be a major event, we have utilized smaller initiatives such as raffles, individual donations, and much more to raise funds. Follow us here as we report our fundraising achievements from July 2022 through June 2025.

      Major Fundraising Events

      • Fall 2022 - Sales of our 2023 Wall Calendar, featuring original works of art created by members of the Urban Sketching activities group - Raised over 2500 EUR
      • January 2023 - Sales at our 7th Annual Sustainable Fashion Bash - Raised 3000 EUR
      • February 2023 - 7th Annual Trivia Night - Raised 720 EUR
      • June 2023 - Summer Mini Fashion Bash - Raised 500 EUR
      • October 2023 - Fundraising Dinner at Ginti & More - Raised 320 EUR
      • January 2024 - Sales at our 8th Annual Sustainable Fashion Bash - Raised 2000 EUR


      Coming up ...

      Cologne Fairy Tales • April 14, 2024

      AGM - Mini Summer Fashion Bash • June 12, 2024

      If you would like to donate to one of our featured charities through the AIWCC or provide matching funds to encourage further fundraising, we will be very happy to recognize you here on our website. For information, please contact

      Would you like to join our FundraisingTeam? Contact

      How to Donate

      Donations can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

      Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
      Account Name: AIWCC e.V.
      IBAN: DE 35 3705 0198 1931 0895 59
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      Whatever we do - we have fun and do good!

      In 2006, the Club received its article of incorporation as a nonprofit organization (e.V. status) and stipulated, through its constitution, a commitment to help the local and international community at large, with a specific focus on women and children. The AIWCC aligns its charitable efforts with the FAWCO Target Program’s three-year cycle, with the overarching goal to improve the lives of women and children ​​in the areas of Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights on a rotating basis. We support the Target Project as our international charity and support a member proposed local charity following careful vetting.

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