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144-Mask Fundraiser

Together we raised over €3300!

These funds raised in February and March of 2020 and were donated to these two charities.

Our local charity, Bunter Kreis Rheinland (BKR), works with families of prematurely born and chronically ill children as well as children with disabilities. We are supporting their sibling program; it seeks to address the psychosocial and emotional needs of siblings and helps them cope with their special life situation. 

Our international charity is the FAWCO Target Project S.A.F.E., which supports the work of Hope for Girls and Women in Tanzania as they address gender-based violence and work to end the practice of FGM in the Mara Region of Tanzania through programs like alternative rites of passage. 

We recognize our generous mask and prize donors.

Their contributions made this event possible.

Adelina Matinca
Annie Wishnousky
Arandeep Degun
Corinn Lutz
Dagmar Breitenbach-Ulrich
Eiko Takahashi
Janet Davis

Joan Brassat
Julie Meyerson 
Jutta Echterhoff
Katya Heinsohn
LeeAnne Bray
Melissa Horsmann
Michelle Grams

Monika Becker
Odette Fuchs
Robin Meloy Goldsby
Stacey Kimmig
Tracie Frank Mayer
Tricia R Saur

Heidelberg International Women’s Club’s Meaningful Masks 

Tharien Van Eck, AWC Antwerp, FAWCO Target Program Chair

These partners help us make things happen!

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