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Welcome to our 144-Mask Fundraiser!

Below you will find a selection of 144 fabulous adult and child masks. They are numbered from 1 through 144, representing the monetary value of their purchase price. For example, you might decide to contribute €150, so you could select mask #144 and #6 or mask #100, #35 and #15. When all the masks are selected, we'll have raised €10,000 to support our charities!

For each mask you select, you will be entered into a prize drawing. Check out the list of prizes!

A Few Logistics

Payment Options

After choosing your masks, you'll receive a confirmation via email with the option to pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

Please submit your payment within 1 week (we'll send a friendly reminder on day 5, if it hasn't been received by then). Otherwise your selection will be cancelled so the masks can be available again on this page.

Delivery or Pick Up Timeline

Mask(s) will be mailed following the close of the fundraising event on March 4th. If you are a prize winner, your winnings will be sent with your masks.

A delivery/pickup option is available for those in the Cologne/Bonn area.

Option to Donate

If you would prefer to donate and receive a Spendequittung rather than a mask, please donate here with PayPal: 

or arrange a bank transfer to:

Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
Account Name: AIWCC e.V.
IBAN: DE 35 3705 0198 1931 0895 59
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Time to Choose Your Masks!

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